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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Pricing Calculated?

We charge one time payment for our self-managed offering. Simply identify the number of users (or Identities) for your organization and total the anual pricing. For Example: For an organization with 250 employees, the one-time payment will be $18000 (250 users x $72/per user). 

Who are different users in IDHub?

IDHub has four types of users: 1) Administrators – Technical System Administrators on your team who will be responsible for managing and administrating IDHub installation in your organization. 2) End Users – Employees and others in your organizations who need to request to company resources and whose access needs to be managed. 3) Access Managers – Team members in your access management team responsible for managing catalog items, notifications and provide access governance guidance. 4) Resource Owners – Responsible for the life cycle of the catalog items – Applications and associated roles and entitlements. 

Is there an additional cost for IDHub Administrator?

No. IDHub Administrators are considered IDHub users and their cost is included in the overall IDHub User count. 

What different deployment modalities are available?

IDHub can be deployed using the Docker Model, Kubernetes Model and Virtual Machine Install. 

How quickly can IDHub be installed and deployed?

IDHub Self-Managed instances can be installed and deployed as quickly as your internal team can support. IDHub installation and initial configuration can be completed within a week. 

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