Identity and Access Management Made Simple

Ensure Only The Right People Have Right Access to Right Systems

Reduce Organizational Risk

Increase IT Efficiency

Improve Audit Readiness

Identify and Eliminate Internal Vulnerabilities


Teams have access reconcile actual vs. authorized access in standardized and consistent process using simple self-service features, giving you real-time, actionable insights into unauthorized access and security risks.



Elevate Your IAM Teams



When business needs for access request, reconciliation and certification outpace the capabilities of your IDM platforms and development teams, you end up with a serious backlog. But with Sath IDHub, your IT generalists and process analysts can pick up the slack and break those backlogs easily and quickly. 


Accelerate adoption of Access Control Security Guidelines

In the time of BYOD and Cloud Proliferation, Your organization is in a race against time to ensure all critical applications, data and systems are tracked for Access Control. Accelerate your Cyber Security initiatives by using IDHub to onboard hundreds of applications into your IDM platform within minutes.

The Only Light Weight Cloud Native Identity Management Solution

Improve Security. Ensure Compliance.

Cloud Native & SCIM Enabled

Integrate with various IDM Solutions with its SCIM and Docker enabled and extendable REST API design

Identity Life Cycle Management

Ensure compliance and reduce risk by automatically modifying access to applications and data throughout Identity Life Cycle.

Policy, Role & Entitlement Management

Reduce complexity in User Administration and increase visibility into access rights for compliance and audits

Access Request and Workflow

Expedite access requests, approvals and fullfillment to company resources anytime, anywhere. Reduce manual workload of your IT Teams.

User Self-Service

Simple user interface for end users to manage their own information, reducing workload for IT teams for support

Self-Service Access Reconciliation

Reconcile actual and authorized access through simple user interface. Take action to remediate unauthorized access

Ease of Deployment

Simple, easy to implement solution. No need for expensive infrastructure, multi-year implementation and in-depth customizations

Unified Notification Management

Create and administer user friendly IAM notifications. Make notification changes on as needed without in-depth customization.

Audit and Certifications

Reduce insider threat by removing unneeded access privileges. Easily verify and demonstrate your compliance controls to auditors.

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